Exhibition 2009

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Exhibition Report August 2009

A much more successful photographic expedition around the layouts this year and I've got far more photos than I could possibly post here. I've room for only one or two photos of each layout. For those who might be interested I used my new(ish) camera, a Canon Powershot A650 IS in aperture priority mode at minimum aperture (f8), flash turned off, hand held (no room for tripods at exhibitions - must get myself a monopod). Exposure times were as long as 1/8 sec on layouts without their own lighting and the Canon image stabilisation system worked brilliantly. All the pictures are straight from the camera.

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Here, in alphabetical order, are the layouts.

This is Bocstyn Sidings, a 00 gauge shunting puzzle layout, constructed by Skipton 
club member David Shillito and now owned by David Burrows.

Next, another shunting puzzle, This time in EM. Cuddy's Yard, (also known as St 
Cuthbert's Lower Yard), built and operated by club Treasurer Alex Dewar.

This is FryUp, Paul Towers' 009 layout. It's been on the exhibition circuit as long as 
I can remember and is a favourite with the kids.

The next layout, Hebden Bridge (00) by Jim Porter of Cleckheaton, was deservedly 
awarded "Best in Show" and so it gets three pictures to itself. 

This is a model of the very fine goods warehouse, which was unfortunately 
destroyed by fire some years ago.

The architectural modelling on Hebden Bridge is without doubt one of the layout's 
strongest features and very successfully captures the character of the area.

This is the station area and the village beyond on Skipton club member David 
Seymour's depiction of Hubberholme in EM.

A couple of pictures above of Ian Rankin's New York Central engine terminal in H0, 
in the US steam diesel transition era (early 1950s). This must have been a strong 
contender in the "Best Layout" competition.

This is Little Cussing, Graham Smith's N gauge impression of a railway in the 
northern fells. Note the Settle-Carlisle style architecture.

A wedding at Little Cussing church.

Two views above of Little Kanawha Lower Yard an American H0 switching layout 
and one of two layouts by Dave Hewitt at the exhibition.

Below, two photos of Steve Farrow's EM gauge Pen y Madoc. The layout has an 
electronically interlocked panel that prevents conflicting movements and 
energises only the track sections required for the road that is set.

Below, Dave Hewitt's other layout at the exhibition, Wanfoot Quarry in SM32 
(16mm:1ft, 2ft gauge).

The picture of Wanfoot Quarry below is, technically, a pretty poor effort but I 
wanted to include it after Dave told me that the two trees just in frame on the left
and right sides of the picture have individual leaves handcut from paper and with 
veins drawn in with a fine tip pen by Mrs Hewitt - several thousand on each tree.

Last of the layouts, Skipton & District Railway Society's own entry, Wards End, 
O gauge.

A view across the platform and the yard. The green loco standing in the further of 
the coal exchange sidings is an Avonside 0-6-0ST belonging to the colliery.

LNER G5 0-4-4T waits to depart from Wards End. Note the cobbles (setts), 
individually cut from card.

A pair of Manning Wardles bring a coal train from the colliery into Wards End coal 
exchange sidings. They will later take the empties on the left back to the colliery.

To finish off, here are portraits of some of the people that the exhibition could not 
do without. First, the volunteer catering crew still looking capable of many more 
bacon sandwiches after three days hard work. Many thanks to them.

From the left, Margaret, Jim, Barbara and Nick (not present for photo, Anne).

And our demonstrators, the Rassbottom Brow Group, from left to right Alan Mellor, 
Arnold Belfield and Derek Evans. It was very difficult to get a shot with all three 
heads down and mouths shut rather than dishing out their usual flannel across the 
demonstration tables.

Finally a portrait of a wagon lettered by late SDRS member, Barry Pickford, in 
honour of the Rassbottom Brow Group before Alan joined them.


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