Croglam Castle

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Most of our established members who are active modellers and layout builders model in EM or O gauge. Many new and prospective members aspire to advance from 00 gauge "toy trains" to "proper railway modelling" and a move into EM or O gauge is perhaps a step too far.

So we decided that a new 00 gauge layout would be built by the newer members with guidance where required from more experienced members. Track and points are Peco code 75 and the trackplan has been designed to suit the geometry of that system. Most of the buildings are scratchbuilt.

The trackplan is very loosely based on Kirkby Stephen East and the layout will be named after Croglam Castle, an iron age hill fort to the south west of Kirkby Stephen.

So far (October 2014) we have developed a detailed track plan, constructed the 10 baseboards, laid the track and completed the wiring and control panels. Construction of the buildings is well advanced and, so far, all are scratchbuilt rather than made from kits as was the original intention. Here is the trackplan, overall dimensions 16ft x 8ft6in.

For more information on the real Kirkby Stephen East and the project to restore the station, go to Stainmore Railway Company at Kirkby Stephen East.

Home Up Lofthouse Dolores Wards End Croglam Castle Cowling Top