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Here is a selection of pictures of Dolores. All the pictures were taken in the Skipton & District Railway Society's clubrooms, using a Sony Cybershot DCS-S50 2.1 megapixel digital camera. The only illumination came from the overhead warm white fluorescent tubes in the clubroom and shots requiring good depth of field were taken using the camera's smallest aperture (f11), which usually resulted in an exposure of about 1 second. The camera was either rested on the layout, or on a tripod.

Most of the photos below show the second and third rebuilds of Dolores.

All Photographs by Trevor Shaw

#463 prepares to leave the oil depots south of Dolores

"Mudhen" # 463 enters town on the trestle bridge

Dolores cattle pens and depot

#463 turns on the wye at Dolores

2-8-2 #455 takes water

Galloping Goose #4 pulls away for Durango

2-8-0 #74 is coaled from a gondola at Dolores depot

K-27 #455 heads north with McPhee lumber empties

4-6-0 passenger loco #20 simmers in Dolores depot loop

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