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Exhibition Report August 2012

Yet another Bank Holiday Exhibition has been successfully concluded, this one our 45th. We showed a total of ten layouts from invited guests and club members. Among the traders, we were very pleased to welcome Oliver Lewis with Squires Tools' comprehensive range of tools, materials and electrical components. Squires' presence means our traders can supply just about anything a railway modeller might need.

On Monday afternoon, I didn't escape from behind Lofthouse until it was almost time for the show to close. The result was that this year's pictures were taken in something of a rush and I apologise to layout owners for the mediocre quality of some of them.

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Here are the layout photos, in no particular order.

First, two shots of Black Bear Creek, a Canadian scene, modelled in HO, with DCC operation and sound.

Next, Foston Mills in O gauge, modelled and presented by John Buck and Dave Rees of Keighley MRC. The architecture immediately tells you the layout is in East Yorkshire and the North Eastern Railway went as far as obtaining the necessary parliamentary permissions for the real railway but never built it.

Below, Rowland's Castle (Southern England, Summer 1944, D-Day) modelled in 00 by Peter Goss. Canadian and British troops and their equipment are here ready for embarkation to France. This layout deservedly won 'Best in Show'. The architectural and scenic modelling is outstanding.

Below is the only decent photograph I managed to get of Aldington on Sea, an N gauge model by Bradford MRC. The picture shows a DMU running along the sea wall.

'Behind British Lines 1918', a 009 layout showing the utter devastation in Northern France towards the end of the First World War.

A couple of shots of 'Tyrolbahn', an H0e layout by Gary Ball showing diesel and steam locos from the Austrian Tyrol.

This is Pauline McKenna's N gauge model, Loch Lochy, a fictional representation of the BR 'blue period' in Scotland. The layout is much, much better than my mediocre photos. For some reason, I always have trouble photographing N gauge layouts

Hubberholme, North Yorkshire, an LMS/LNER joint terminus modelled in EM gauge by David Seymour (S&DRS member).

Also appearing at the exhibition were Lofthouse in 0 gauge and Bocstyn Sidings Cuddy's Yard, a 00
gauge shunting puzzle. These layouts are featured elsewhere on this site. Click the
following links: Lofthouse Album, Bocstyn Sidings.


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