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Here is a selection of pictures of Lofthouse. All the pictures were taken at exhibitions between 2001 and 2005, using a Sony Cybershot DCS-S50 2.1 megapixel digital camera. The only illumination came from the layout's own lighting and shots requiring good depth of field were taken using the camera's smallest aperture (f11), which usually resulted in an exposure of about 1 second. The camera was either rested on the layout, or carried on a tripod.

All photographs by Trevor Shaw

This is
Holdsworth, an ex-Metropolitan Beyer Peacock 4-4-0T, standing in Lofthouse 
station, having just arrived with a passenger train from Pateley Bridge. The NVLR 
purchased both loco and coaches second-hand from the Met.
Pateley Bridge Exhibition, June 2002

Having run round its train,
Holdsworth collects two fitted cattle wagons and a 
horsebox from the yard.
Pateley Bridge Exhibition, June 2002

Holdsworth departs with its train for Pateley Bridge.
Pateley Bridge Exhibition, June 2002

Three years later,
Holdsworth and the Met coaches have been decorated with 
authentic custom transfers.
Derby Exhibition, April 2005

Having descended the bank from the reservoirs with an empty coal train, Manning 
Wardle Class F 0-4-0ST,
Edna and Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T, Milner pause in Lofthouse 
station platform.
Edna will shortly be detached from the train and will wait in the 
loco spur to bank the next train to the reservoirs.
Milner will draw the train 
forwards then reverse into the yard to pick up a brake van before departing for 
Pateley Bridge.
Watford Finescale Exhibition, November 2001

Manning Wardle Class K 0-6-0ST simmers quietly in the loco spur at Lofthouse, 
waiting to bank the next train up to the reservoirs. The line to Pateley Bridge 
can be seen falling away at 1 in 56 towards the left.

Watford Finescale Exhibition, November 2001

Blythe, an Avonside 0-6-0ST crosses the culvert at the Pateley Bridge end of the 
layout with a coal train bound for the reservoirs.

Hull MRS Exhibition, November 2001

Hill crosses the culvert below Lofthouse station . . .
Derby Exhibition, April 2005

. . . and arrives in the platform shortly afterwards.
Derby Exhibition, April 2005

I couldn't resist including this last one even though it could never have happened. 
The picture shows a North Eastern BTP and trailer descending the 1 in 28 from the 
reservoirs to Lofthouse. As far as is known, no North Eastern trains ever ran on 
the Nidd Valley, but it's a good photo of a very nice loco and gives an impression 
of the scenery on this part of the layout. The train is the property of a Keighley 
MRS member.
Pateley Bridge Exhibition, June 2002

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