Pateley Bridge Plan

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Here's our tentative plan for Pateley Bridge NER/NVLR. It's not just a back of a fag packet design; it's done properly in a CAD programme and modified for reproduction here. Everything will fit. The scenic length is 39ft and a 6ft fiddle yard will be needed at each end, making the total length 51ft.

Our long term dream is to exhibit it alongside Lofthouse, 6 miles further up the Nidd valley, with a 6ft hidden staging yard between the two layouts. But Lofthouse is already approaching its 25th birthday and may not survive long enough for this ambition to be realised.

We live in hope. The two layouts together will be 91ft long and will need two Luton vans to transport them and a total of 10 operators (about half the total membership of our club). Any exhibition managers out there prepared to take that on? We couldn't do it at our own exhibition because the longest exhibit we could accommodate without blocking emergency exits is 62ft.


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