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Please Note: Wards End is undergoing a major rebuild and is not at present available for exhibition. The new Wards End will be a straight layout.

Here is a new Wards End album of pictures taken at our 2009 exhibition. Again, conditions were difficult with the layout having its back to large south facing windows, this year with no curtains. This forced me to take most of the shots from similar angles and I apologise for that. The camera was a hand-held Canon PowerShot A650 IS, at minimum aperture (f8). Some of the exposures were as long as 1/8s and the quality of the pictures is a tribute to the Canon image stabilisation system. All the pictures are straight from the camera, without so much as even cropping in Photoshop.

The passenger platform end and goods yard at Wards End. The green loco in the 
background is an Avonside 0-6-0ST belonging to the colliery and has just brought the 
three loaded coal wagons into the coal exchange sidings.

Another shot of the same scene from a different angle. Note the individually laid 
cobbles (setts) between the tracks and the contrast between the ballast in the yard 
and on the main running lines.

A G5 0-4-4T ready to depart from Wards End. There are more passenger trains on 
the layout than this sequence of pictures would suggest.

An ex-NER N10 0-6-2T arrives in the platform road with a mixed goods.

Another shot of the same scene. At the far end of the mixed goods are coal 
empties which will be shunted into the coal exchange sidings to be taken away by 
a colliery-owned engine.

A pair of Manning Wardle 0-6-0STs bring loaded wagons from the colliery into the 
coal sidings. They will later take the empties alongside back to the colliery.

Another shot of the same scene.

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